Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hyderabad the pearls city

Hyderabad is also known as the city of pearls. The pearl market is situated near Charminar. Ornaments made with Rice Pearls can be bought from Char Kaman or the General Bazaar Market.People form everywhere flock here to possess a few of these pearls. Strange that there is no sea anywhere near the city. Yet it has become almost synonymous with quality pearls.Jewelers in the pearl markets of Hyderabad have for centuries combined pearls with the glitter of gold, the richness of rubies and the ecstasy of emeralds. It is indeed amazing and heartwarming to see traditional designs still surviving the march of history in the narrow alleys of the Old City today.The areas surrounding Charminar like 'Char kaman' and 'Mitti-ka-sher' are famous for antique kundan and enamel jewellery, temple sarees, old bidri and silver, crystal and pearls. "Darushafa" is famous for the tissue-thin silver leaf that decorates Indian sweetmeats, and bidri ware. The appliquéd patchwork skirts, bags and belts, set with sparkling mirror and tiny beads of the Banjara gypsies; Nirmal lacquer ware, ornate brass from Pembarthi, Kondapalli carved toys, leather puppets and Warangal carpets combine to make Hyderabad, truly a shopper's paradise.The pearl markets of the city also offer unlimited varieties of chokers and lockets. The last few decades have witnessed a gradual influence of western designs on the Hyderabadi pearl market. However, the City of Pearls has retained it's luster.Article Source:

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