Monday, May 12, 2008

My first Article at RISE

My school that I study it was called RISE sproken English private school
This is the located of RISE sproken, I is very nice and my teacher's name is Mr. Sam. Please, you should call him just Sam, not uncle Sam.
The second day I wrote this article that make from the vocabvolary which my teacher assign.

my article is
Our friendship commenced at RISE Spoken English private school. We are the real international class because it consists of the people who come from Chinese Thailand and Saud Arabia. Especially our Indian teacher who can speak both of beautiful English, Hindu, and sometimes he sings Arab songs. In the near time, if he continues to collected Chinese vocabulary, he will be a complete language teacher. At the time which coming, we should clap a big hand to him.

As the first time that I joined in the class, my worry collapsed, although I sat up close to the new friend. He is a friend who can clarify the confused thing to clear and clean. Whenever he could not explain by himself, he doesn’t hesitate to cling to his talking dictionary to confirm the answer. Every time that I communicate with him, I fill comforted. However, he has more experience than me, he never before commands me to do anything.

The next friend, he has a dream to climb up The Everest Mountain. He concentrates to study computer science in Hyderabad. Always, he has a good comment and prefers to share the commitment about the public policy with open mind. I consider that he will grow up and click to the development of the new world.

The last but not least, my best friend who can conduct me about everything and he was the first guy that I could contact at the first time in Hyderabad. He has a good-looking hair style because he combs his hair by Thai comb which combines ancient wisdom and NaNo technology together. By the way, my English class coincides with him so we go to the class at the same time everyday. Last Monday, on the way to class room, we had seen the truck collide with the motorcycle. On the road, it contained the people who only congregated to watch an accident without taking any action. I am concern about the wound of motorcycle driver it had risk of contaminating with germs. I companied about that dangerous situation, but he consulted me to climb down and try to conceal my anger. However, I believed him after that I realized his idea is corrected. I can not speak Hindi or even English so I can not help anyone. Now, I hope to graduate in speaking English class at RISE with fluent skills to communication world wild because I have both good classmates and excellent teacher.

bye see you soon

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