Thursday, May 15, 2008

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ฉบับปืนกระไดเขียน (อ่านดูจะรู้ว่ากระไดอยู่ตรงไหนเป็นระยะระยะนะ)
According to the discovery of Ian Wilmut, he became outstanding of the natural scientist in new world. His work is out of breath the scientist who believed in the fertilization is only one way for life genesis. He was accepted from the scientists and his results lead to auto transplant for the patients who suffer because their kidney out of action. Many patients can not event add in the kidney of sun or daughter. Therefore Ian Wilmut’ s work is hope for them. The long living without physical disorder is, above all else, highest target on account of the live is only thing that people can not buy to the destiny of them.

Dolly’ s technology of Ian Wilmut add up in the group of cloning technology. Dolly’s mother give birth to Dolly after all did not fertilization by the normal processes. Before dolly was born, teams of Dr. Wilmut worked hard again and again in aid of the hypothesis. They realize that the reliability can not be proofed all of a sudden. Whenever the work is all over that is time of happiness along with them.

The best part of Dolly is the symbol of try and the way of success of human. The teams can do although it is opposite to the previous theory which was reasonable for a long time. Every true in this planet was accumulated bit by bit of testimony. Did you ever do your best for something? If you don’t have bed of rose, you should fix your life with ambitions. We are on the same boat as many people and we should accept that success is one in a blue moon. However it is not impossible. I believe that you are on the brain, try to proof it by yourself by and by. As same as the way of Ian Wilmut and his team was show to everybody.

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